Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Laundry Bag

When I was still working in Singapore, one of the favorite places I usually go is Ikea.
I just love to see the designs of their products, yet some are so expensive, some are also affordable.
And our Ikea shopping will not be complete without visiting their restaurant, their Meatballs are so tasty.

I sooooo miss going to Ikea!

Unfortunately, there is no Ikea Store here in the Philippines. Hopefully, in the future, they would consider 
putting a branch here, so Filipinos can enjoy their products too.

One product I bought in Ikea is the JÄLL laundry bag with stand. 

Photo From:

I like it not only because it's cheap, it looks simple and clean.
It can be folded flat and lightweight too.
It was only $5.00 SGD, 4 years ago. 

So after almost half of a decade of using, here's what it looks like now!

The frame is still ok though, the reason that I did not put it away.
For a month, it was just placed in the corner. 
I was  looking for ways on how to re use the frame

Then I saw this:

Ikatbag's Hamper Tutorial
Isn't it cute?

Inspired by her creation, I made a new Laundry bag.
I did not follow how she cut her fabric and I did not put a strip of fabric at the bottom, since our frame is different.

And here it is!

Materials Used:
Katsa Cloth
Black Bias Tape
Black Buttons

I am so happy with my new bag.
And I am hoping it would also last like before!

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