Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Felt Project: Alphas & Numbers

For me this is one of the easiest felt project to make. 
I love doing this project to give as gifts, since you can customize.

With so many fonts in the net, I find CooperBlack  pretty for sewing projects.

You can download it here:

I printed the font and pasted it in a cardboard, then cut to make it as my pattern. 
Why card board? 
So that it's thick enough and not easily worn out when I use it over and over again.

Here are my projects:
(I've given all of these as gifts)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Felt Project: Softie Blocks

Making  softie blocks really depends on your imagination. You can decide on the size, color, fabric, color and appliques. You can also add ribbons and even make it sound by putting jingle bells inside together with the stuffing.

Basically, all you need is 6 pieces of square fabric and stuffing. Sew all the fabrics together, stuff in and sew it to close, then you'll have your softie block.

But for those who don't want to use your imagination (like me, sometimes), 
I found this great tutorial,with great photos of the process.

And here's my Softie Blocks.

Softie Blocks: Shapes and Initial (Circle, Star, Crescent Triangle,Square and letter Z)

Softie Blocks: WhatsUp in the Sky (Moon, Sun, Star, and Cloud)
Softie Blocks: Vehicles  (Car, Train, Ship and Rocket)
Softie Blocks: Patterns

 Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Felt Project: Softie Balls

Softie Balls in 6 and 12 pieces.

shared a free pattern download and with clear instructions on the making of the balls with great photos too.

Here are the links:

Happy Felt ball making!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Felt Project: Animals 4


Like in my previous post:

I got all their patterns from Flickr. I saved the images, laid out in paper at my desired size, printed, traced in felt, cut and sew. 
Here are the patterns:

(Just click the photo for the link)

(Just click the photo for the link)


(Just click the photo for the link)


Links of Patterns for the Dogs:

Have fun Sewing!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Felt Project: Animals 3

Octopus and Sea Horses

Purple Octopus with Lazy Daisy Eyes

Mother and Son Sea Horses

These adorable Sea Creatures were designed by

and she shared free downloadable patterns in her blog

Sigmund the Octopus 
Sasha the Seahorse

And I got to share my own version in Future Girl Group Pool in Flickr - 

So many cute versions in the pool , I did enjoy looking at the pics:)

What made me happy doing these is I got some great comments from Alice, the futuregirl.

So grab your felt, download the pattern and make your own version. 
Can't wait to see your versions in the Flickr Pool.