Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hearty Potholders

My Auntie who is living in Hawaii, is a dear fan of my works.
She never misses to comment in my FB posts regarding my work.
It makes my heart glow reading her lovely comments.

So when she requested for pot holders, I made not only but seven for her to use, as Thank you gifts.

Pattern and Tutorial is taken from:

Here's my version:

Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Felt Project: Animals 2

My second set of felt animals:


I got all their patterns from Flickr. I saved the images, laid out in paper at my desired size, printed, traced in the felt, cut and sew. Here are the patterns:

Monkey --- pattern taken from here :

Chick with the Sheep ---- pattern taken from here:

Crow --- sorry but I really forgot where I save this from :(

Happy Felt Sewing!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Felt Project: Animals --- my very first felt project

I love to go to bookstores and I can stay the whole day there.
I am not a book lover but I am very much interested in other things  book store offers --- Craft Stuff.

When I was still working in Singapore (3 years ago), Popular Bookstore in a neighborhood mall, was my favorite place to visit. I was a regular customer (even in other branches), and I am very much excited when they have a SALE, things are really affordable. 

Looking for interesting things in the bookstore, I came across this little plastic with some little square colorful fabric inside, a needle and threads. It looked interesting. The cover inside shows a cute animal with illustrated directions on how to sew. Can't resist on the cuteness of the animals, I bought all the designs, it was only SGD $1.00 each.

I read through the instructions and then I came to know that the fabric is called  FELT. 
Googled FELT, looked at FELT projects and then I fell in love with FELT!!!!

Sewing these cuties was not as easy as the illustrations. Patiently, I managed to finish!
I first posted these photos in my Friendster and Multiply site before and got good comments. 
It urged me to do more projects and collect more and more FELT (plain and printed)!!! 

Here are my Felt Animal cuties --- my first ever felt project!

And I am sharing you the pattern of the 6 animal cuties --- download it HERE.
Hope to see your cuties!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Felt Project: Felt Hairclips

Here are my previous Felt Hair Clips.
Like my Felt Rose Barrettes in my previous post, these were given as gifts.
I did made my own pattern, but the designs of these felt hair clips are inspired by photos I spotted in the net.

Be inspired and Sew!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Felt Project: Felt Rose Barrettes

I have been working on felt projects lately.

Felt mojo is definitely back, hehehe. 

I haven't done any felt projects anymore, after the lens scrunchies. But as I was tidying up my stash, the colors of felt was so flashy, its hard not to notice. So I then browsed my "Anything Felt" Board in Pinterest, searching for a simple project for a start.

By the way, you can follow all my Boards in Pinterest here:

Since Mother's Day is coming, this Sunday, May 13, I thought that I would just make some gifts for my Mama and all my mommy relatives and friends. Making these did not only make me contented (which I usually feel after I am done with a project), it will also make other Mommies happy as well.

And so I made Felt Rose Barettes ---- 16 pieces of them.

Thanks to for the clear tutorial and free pattern!!!
Sorry but I cannot give you the link to this site. As of this moment, I can't open her site.
Don't know the reason why :(

For the meantime see her beautiful work here:


and here's my version

Happy Felt Sewing!!!