Sunday, 29 April 2012

Say it! Shirts Design 1 and 2

Say it! Shirt Design No. 1

Say it! Shirt Design No. 2

Learn how to put appliques on your shirt ---- here's my tutorial :

Happy Sewing :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Animals Set 02

New set of Animals :) 
Drawn basically from a Circle.

I am doodling these 25 animals for a sewing project in the future.
I just recently discovered  an easy way to make a pattern, drawing it in Inkscape.
You can simply explode it into parts arrange it into a paper, then print and cut.

 Like my animals?
Just leave a message and I will gladly give you the individual PNG files of these circle cuties.


You can now download my Animals!

Just click on the Links

Animals Set 1 (12 animal Doodles)
{This is from my previous blog ~~ )}
Animals Set 2 (Circle Cuties)

Feel free to use! Be creative and Enjoy!!
I'd love to see your work, post a link on the comments.