Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cars 2 Party Theme for Onyx's 3rd Birthday

Last February 17, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of our nephew. Cars 2 is his favorite movie, so my sister decided it to be his party theme. She was hands-on on the preparations and I helped her with the invites, poster, name tags and thank you tags for the loot bags.

In the Photo: Cake and Cupcakes by KUSINA HABANA ; Poster ; Loot Bags and Prizes ; Gifts ; Pinata, Clowns from Hannah's and Pabitin

So here's what I did:

POSTER . Actually we just bought  a ready made CARS poster. It was so cheap (Php 30.00). My sister just added a traffic light using colored cardboard and I made the poster with my nephew's photo.

I would like to share to you the PNG File of the poster, if you like to use it.
You can download it here ---- POSTER 

 Using any editing software, place your photo underneath the poster.
Write the name on the red part using the font Hood Ornament.
Just do some adjustments on the letter spacing and use some Chrome Effects on it, 
simplify and add drop shadows.
For the number at the bottom, use the font Bank Gothic
and edit it same as the text above.

INVITATION CARDS. It is a bookmark type of invites. I made 15 pieces of  them, with different characters each. Printed in Imari Coated Paper in SM Graphic Star.

NAME TAGS. The size of the name tags is 2"x3". Like the invites, all with different characters (42 pcs). Printed in Imari Coated Paper, we just put double sided tape at the back. Printing it in a sticker would cost us more.

THANK YOU TAGS. Size is 2"x4". Punched at the top and tied to the loot bags

I really enjoyed browsing some pictures of Cars 2 characters and I got to know their names as well. They are so cute and so colorful.

{ Credits }
CARS 2 characters are downloaded from
 Copyright . Disney/Pixars 


  1. wow mads & lad2x, as always, so creative. =)

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