Friday, 16 September 2011

Logo Design

I am doing a favor for a friend who is in Netherlands. She has a daycare center and she wanted me to do a logo for her. I always wanted to do one and it was for the first time, so so excited. The conceptualization took so long but when I had it, it was easy to put it in the computer. I used Photoshop Elements using simple lines, shapes and color fills. And here is the finished product:

So happy with the result, and they were happy too. But she asked for a brightly colored version and to add rainbow and a house. (Posting the final product soon)

So here's my dilemma, I find it difficult to do a house and a rainbow in  PE. So I began to search for other software which can draw graphics and I stumbled upon INKSCAPE. It is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator (which is an expensive software) and one thing good about it is, its FREE. I love FREEBIES!!! It is easy to  download and install. And I am currently studying it using these tutorials. Here's my first try:
Not bad for a beginner, isn't it??? hehehehe. I am looking forward for another tutorial and hopefully master INKSCAPE. Thanks to all the geniuses who made it and for sharing it to everybody.


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