Thursday, 8 September 2011

Colorful Birthday Bash for my Zee

My Zee turned ONE last September 6, 2011, Tuesday, but we held his party in advance so that many can attend, and we had it last Sunday, September 4, 2011. I was so happy that it turned out good and I hope my son will cherish it in the future. What I wanted for his birthday was to make it very special and colorful. He is fond of colors, and when he sees an object which very bright and colorful, he smiles. So here's what I prepared:

 The CAKES:  I ordered it from Kusina Habana, 16 colorful cakes in Moist Chocolate and Banana CHoco Chip Flavors. Yummy! Yummy! Thank you Petit!
 The BACKDROP: I made a 5' x 5' Tarpaulin Poster. Embellishments from  iscrapbying. Thank you BFF. Balloons, yes, that can't be forgotten. My sisters and hubby helped me blew and set it up.
 The MOBILES: I did some mobiles to add colors to my backdrop. I got this idea from here.
 The LOOT BAGS: I sewed Drew String Bags in different colors with Clear PVC Pockets, where "Thank You" message was inserted.
 The PABITIN: In the Philippines, kiddie parties would not be complete without a "pabitin". This is made of Bamboo,covered with colored plastic and nailed perpendicularly to each other, creating a grid. Goodies are then hung using felt papers (easy for kids to tear and pull). It is then hoist up and down as kids reached for the goodies.
 The TABLE DECOR: The catering service I hired only placed flowers on the center of the table. So to blend  it with the party theme, I placed a cut no. 1 and 4 mini balloons under it.
 The PARTY HATS: Simple colorful hats made out of Cartolina and colored paper. At the back, written is their name.
 The PHOTO WALL:  The wall is made of strips of felt paper, colors laid like rainbows. I also prepared Props so guests can play with it while taking pictures. They surely had fun. 
 The YARN BALLS: I made these balls 3 months ago, just for fun. But since this match the theme, I added it in the backdrop. I learned it from here.
The PINATA: Sorry for the photo, I was not able to take a descent one. It's just a box and I covered it with strips of felt paper. 

I had fun making those, even more, because it is for my one and only ZEE!!!
Now planning for his 2nd Birthday :)


  1. Wow! You had all the time to make these yourself?! And I like the mobiles (what kind of paper did you use?) and the props! :-)) Si Khonie diay ni, di ko kabalo unsaon pagchange sa name sa "comment as" hehehe

  2. Hi Khon, hehehe nice name..Dugay sad ni nko gbuhat oi, kanang mo sleep ra si Zee. Cartolina ra na khon, 1cm x 10cm, ang sa mobiles. Ang sa props, ordinary colored paper and bbq stick. Naa mn daghan free printables sa props, la lang nko g print kay kalas ug ink, hehehe. Thanks Khon :)