Friday, 7 December 2012

Coin Purse

I'm back and it's now December.

Season of Giving is here!!!
And here's one gift idea ---  a Felt Appliqued Canvas Coin Purse

Actually, It's my first time to do a coin purse.
My best friend asked me to do some coin purse and to have some felt on its design.
They will be giving it as Christmas Gifts.

And this is what I came up.

I started with 6 designs for a sample.
1st Row : Pig, Hippo and Chicken
2nd Row : Tiger, Dog and Fox

I added Jingle Bells for Christmassy effect.

I coordinated the colors of the zippers with that of major color of the applique.
I am beginning to like zippers now... I am starting to collect some, hehehe.

 Each of the animal applique is hand sewn to the Canvas purse.

And my Best friend loved it.
Took the 6 samples, and ordered 18 more and requested for 6 new designs.
1st Row : Elephant, Cow, Penguin
2nd Row : Owl, Zebra, Monkey

Have done 34 pieces and now doing 38 pieces more and I'm loving it!!!!

You can see the individual photos of my coin purse at my FB page.
Please do take some time to visit and like my Page as I often update what I'm doing there compared here in my blog. Why FB page? For convenience sake :)

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