Saturday, 10 December 2011

Boni, my first Lens Scrunchie

My photographer friend (who by the way takes great photos, visit her blog: asked me to do a Lady Bug Lens Scrunchies. I told her I had been wanting to do one too. I wanted something to help my baby focus to the camera. She also wants it for her kids clients, as she find it difficult for getting little kids to look at the camera. Sometimes she becomes a clown just to catch their attention, hehehe.

I have been searching about how to do one and I found these tutorial blogs:

And I also found some inspiration in these sites (they are really good at these!):

So here's my own version and I will be trying this on our Family Portraits this holiday. I hope this would work, hehehe.

Meet BONI, the ibon (Tagalog term for Bird)....


And yes, my next Lens Scrunchies would be a Lady Bug for my friend.

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